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According to Chapter VI (Chapter I, Art. 18 and 19) of UWW Constitution the national wrestling federations of each continent are united in Continental Council. The role and competence of the Continental Councils are set by UWW Congress. The Councils are UWW’s basic support organs, called upon to promote wrestling in the respective Continent, to guarantee the observance of the Statutes and Rules of the International Federation and to fulfill the directives of its leading administrative bodies (Congress, Bureau, President and General Secretary).

As a support organ of FILA, CELA was created at the General Assembly in Oulu, Finland in 1978. Its first president was Hermann Schwindling who kept that position until his death in 1995. In 2015, CELA changed its name into “United World Wrestling-Europe” (the “UWW-Eu”).

48 European national federations are members of UWW-Eu.

The General Assembly, held the first year after the Olympic Games, elects its President and members of the executive committee of UWW-Eu.

UWW-Eu is governed by an Executive Committee (consisting of 7 persons).

With the agreement of the President and the Bureau of UWW, UWW-Eu has its own logo, emblem, flag, and prize distinction. They are exclusive property of UWW-Europe.

The head office of UWW-Europe and its president is: Bulgaria, 1040 Sofia, 75 “Vassil Levski” blvd., tel: +(359.2) 930-05-19,
tel/fax +(359.2) 988-27-16, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Executive Committee

From its founding in 1978, the CELA has been headed by an Executive Committee whose members where:

1978: H.Schwindling-West Germany (President), Al.Novikov-Soviet Union (Vice President), F.Compte-Spain (Vice-President),
B.Eriksen-Norway, Tz.Tzenov-Bulgaria

1982: H.Schwindling (President), Al.Novikov (Vice-President), F.Compte (Vice-President), B.Eriksen, Tz.Tzenov

1986: H.Schwindling (President), Al.Novikov (Vice-President), B.Carayannis-Greece (Vice-President), B.Eriksen, Tz.Tzenov

1988: H.Schwindling (President), Al.Novikov (Vice-President), B.Carayannis (Vice-President), Tz.Tzenov, P.Svensson-Sweden

1994: H.Schwindling (President), Tz.Tzenov (Vice-President), T.Hamakos-Greece, P.Svensson, Iv.Yariguin-Russia

1996: Tz.Tzenov (President), P. Taberna-France (Vice-President), T.Hamakos, Iv.Yariguin, Al.Medved-Belarus

1998: Tz.Tzenov (President), P.Taberna (Vice-President), T.Hamakos, Al.Medved, Z.Ratajzcak-Poland

2000: Tz.Tzenov (President), D.Emelin-France (Vice-President), T.Hamakos, Al.Medved, Z.Ratajzcak, J.Svoboda-Slovakia,
St.Kazarian-Armenia (co-opted in 2003), N.Lalovic-Serbia (co-opted in 2003)

2005: Tz.Tzenov (President), T.Hamakos (Vice-President), N.Lalovic,G.Bryusov-Russia, Al.Medved

2009: Tz.Tzenov (President), T.Hamakos (Vice-President), N.Lalovic, A.Gribojedov-Lithuania, A.Gozdan-Poland,
G.Bryusov, D.Martinetti-Switzerland.

2013: Tz.Tzenov (President), Cristian Poteras, Dina Kharenko (co-opted ), Gueorgui Brussov, Jukka Rauhala,
Karl-Martin Dittmann, Theodoros Hamakos (Vice-President), Alexandre Medved (Vice-President of honor),
Oender Yaksi (Sports-technical director, Copted Member).

2017: Tz.Tzenov (President), Theodoros Hamakos (Vice-President), Dina Kharenko, Gueorgui Brussov, Karl-Martin Dittmann,  Željko Trajković, Razvan Pircalabu, Alexandre Medved (Vice-President of honor), Oender Yaksi (Sports-technical director, Copted Member).