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An initiator of establishing the Sports Academy was Mr Paweł Grzybicki, who convinced to his idea Mrs ​​Izabela Dłużewska and Mr Roman Dłużewski, owners of the Tom Fit Center at Sulejowska Street in Piotrków Trybunalski and now they realize the whole idea.

This project was a part of the new marketing strategy – MARKA POLSKIE ZAPASY – that is showing wrestling in fitness clubs to present this discipline closer to young people. Hence, there is a huge support from Polish Wrestling Federation During visiting Piotrków Trybunalski the President of UWW-Europe Tzeno Tzenov was familiarised with the idea by the President of the Polish Wrestling Federation Grzegorz Brudziński

President Tzenov expressed his interest and appreciation for this innovative idea and wondered about promoting the project among other countries. President Tzeno Tzenov is also the donor of the wrestling mat.

From 28 of March till 04 of April 2017, the European Championship under 23 years olds in free style, female wrestling and greco-roman style will take place in Szombathely (HUN).
You could watch all the results of the championship on the dedicated website for this event in the following link: et voir tous les matchs: Live Streaming

U23 2017

From 28th of March till 2nd of April 2017, Szombathely (Hungary) will host the European Championship under 23 year olds in free style, female wrestling and greco-roman style.